Github Student Pack

If you are a student, be sure to check the student developer pack offered by github: it contains a lot of useful software that is *free* for student. Most of them are free for a period of time, but it worth to have a look! The only thing you have to provide is a valid institutional email address.


I’m back!

Hello folks, I know that it has been a while since my last post. During this time, I was finishing my erasmus period in Vienna and I got my degree. I was really busy writing my thesis, but I enjoyed it. Then I decided to move to Dundee, Scotland, to study Games Development, for my postgraduate degree. So, now… I’m busy again! I’m trying to update my portfolio and to write an article soon, let’s hope it won’t take too much time!

Meanwhile I changed the blog theme (hope you like it) and I’ve written some drafts for some of my projects. Any feedback is appreciated.

Some pics of my updated projects:

HTN in videogames

For my latest presentation in a seminar in AI, I covered Hierarchical Task Networks and their application in a real-time environment such as videogames.
Slides are organized in two main parts : HTNs (based on Erol scientific paper) and HTNs in videogames, bringing Killzone 2 example (just an overview). I also put something concerning how HTNs, and planning in general, can be optimized in a dynamic context like videogames.

An introduction to SHOP 2 Planning System


In these days I’ve done a seminar in artificial intelligence based on SHOP 2 planning system. I made some slides that cover an intro to the system SHOP 2 as well as an intro to Hierarchical Task Networks , I also provided some (cool) applications. Unfortunately, as far as I know, slide share does not allow animation in slides, so something has been”lost”. I’ll also put the extended version of the slides in these days!