Project Pitch: Answer Set Programming for Procedural Content Generation

Hello everybody, today I presented my project idea for my innovation module. I’ll use answer set programming paradigm, with the ACTHEX extension, in order to procedural generate game levels. I think that the topic is quite exciting! If you are inteterested as well, here are some links:

ASP introduction


Procedural Content Generation Wiki


N-Grams and Introduction to Bayes Inference

Hello folks, I have made this slide for my AI for Games course. I hope you find the topics interesting.

Angry Birds Artificial Intelligence Competition

During this summer I participated with my university in the AIBirds competition. The competition focuses on building a bot for Angry Birds game and make it play a certain amount of levels. A brief description of our bot is available here. Our agent is based on logic programming, using the Answer Set Programming paradigm. I’m going to make another post with detailed information of our work soon.